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MetPac enhances living and working spaces across America, raising the bar one building, community and city at a time

Building Higher Standards

Over two decades of helping properties outperform


Inspired by the lack of accountable realty services, MetPac was founded in the early 90s and quickly grew throughout New York, the greater Northeast and beyond.

From inception, we raised confidence in the rental market, uniting people under shared values while creating beautiful, desirable homes and workplaces.


Evolving and adapting through multiple market cycles, we remained focused on enhancing quality of living for communities in both urban and suburban geographies.

In the early 2000s, our client base grew to national proportions, helping us leverage economies of scale and lay groundwork for future growth opportunities.


With the housing bubble on the brink, our strategists saw a golden opportunity, expanding our presence throughout condominium, co-op and similar markets.

Through strategic initiatives across our administrative, maintenance and advisory departments, we perfected our model to ensure rental living retained high appeal.


As the luxury condo housing market flourished, we stepped up to provide concierge and other value-add services. Acquisition of properties in this niche ushered in a period of dramatic growth.

When the commercial world trended to condominium conversion, our earlier successes led to strong managerial relationships with office, retail and sovereign government clients.


Leading markets in New York, Washington, D.C., California, Florida and more, MetPac remains America’s management mainstay, a one-stop source for all things portfolio.

As our vertically integrated team delivers savvy, cost-effective support for owners and tenants, investors in NYC properties appreciate the ease and fluidity of our continually advancing real estate platform.

Our Mission: Building Foundational Relationships

Since entering the management scene nearly 25 years ago, the MetPac name has stood for inspired improvement in all areas of real estate. With strategy, supervision and smart technology living side by side, we remain committed to elevating the value of each property under our care. We believe high standards are a goal, not a hope. As your third-party manager, that translates into a strict focus on our fiduciary duties. A standard-bearer for higher living, we serve owners and tenants as personally as possible, creating an atmosphere of total accountability and transparency. We answer to you — whatever the question

Founder, President & CEO

Steve Osman

Kicking off his real estate career in the late 1980s, Steve Osman harnessed his passion and extensive industry experience to spearhead Metropolitan Pacific (‘MetPac’) Properties in 1994.

Over the years, his innovation and vision saw MetPac through the housing crisis, among other market difficulties. Dedicated to improving the lives of those under his management, Osman’s dream of operating a one-stop realty company has not only materialized, but continues to flourish some 3 decades later.

“As a commercial developer, I have no time to waste. When it comes to management, MetPac delivers perfection. For the past 8 years, they’ve provided a solid, undisruptive relationship, enabling my investments to grow in value.” Tom, NYC Developer

“Ive worked with MetPac for years. Brandon is truly excellent and we couldn't be happier." Sara, Miami Florida